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Yes, I'm Kimmy Jin.
No, we're not friends. Please leave.

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imagechloebeale replied to your post: what do YOU look like??

aw omg everyone in this fandom is ASIAN I SWEAR WHY IS THAT AHAHAHA ur adorbs


actually i have no idea maybe this movie appeals to asians in some weird subconscious way you’re going to have to ask another asian because i’ve been living in canada since i was 3 so MHMMM

I give you my approval. don’t get too excited.

shutupming asked: Well my roommate claims she can make "Bomb" korean food, and implies she can cook it better than me. Can I please call her white girl?

Yes. Yes you can. Though be advised that it is a racist remark one can make, and though as I am a Jin and give no mind…it isn’t a trait all should abide by.

Now…kindly leave my room. It’s been exhausting talking this much.

shutupming asked: I'm asian. My roommate works at the radio station. Can I refer to her as "The White Girl" ?

Only because we are akin to one another, I will ask you this “minisnotmyname”…were the first words from her inconceivably offensive? Or perhaps is she filling your domicile by the screeching sounds of that “art-form” known as A Capella…possibly filled with a nymphomaniac, a…person who doesn’t respect personal space, a control-freak with a spastic gag-reflex, three questionable members who may no do anything, a mentally unsable Australian, a fellow far-eastern whom is brings dishonor with a whisper, and a personal of color who matches the rainbow? If so…



The Most Popular Girls in Barden University (x)

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Kimmy Jin is the human version of Grumpy Cat.

Please don’t speak about my spirit animal like that. You don’t know us.

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Dear Diary,

Today was a good day. I exacted justice against a womanizing, testosterone filled, arrogant young athlete named Brad Sarratto. He is the one dating the redhead Chloe, and I have surmised their relationship may be detrimental. Also he had hurt the strange Indian boy named Donald…

So, I was forced to summon the vengeance of my ancestors, I utilized the potent mace I had secretly crafted in chemistry and adequately doused his eyes while preforming a swift jerk of my knee into his manhood. A pang of guilt though remains in my heart…

…that I had to waste my most potent mixture of deterrent on the likes of him. At least I saved the recipe, and will thus have to break into the lab again in the cover of darkness. His cries of pain will be remembered as a my symphony of victory.

-Kimmy Jin, The Darkest Knight

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Dear Diary,

In class today we talked about “survival of the fittest”. Clearly the teacher didn’t realize that he was in the presence of a Jin. I’ll forgive his insolence for now. As far as survival rates go, if the white girl continues to leave her homosexual lover’s garments skewed throughout the room, I’ll replace all the song files on her computer with Celine Dion’s “my heart will go one”…

the chipmunk edition.


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Anonymous asked: All even numbers

2. Give me your best pick up line.

4. What’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever heard?




6. Make a 5 song playlist that sums you up as a person.
- “Run to the Hills” Iron Maiden
- “Make a man out of you” Mulan soundtrack
- “Enjoy the Silence” Depeche Mode
- “Get out of my room” Me
- “Sound of silence” Simon & Garfunkel

8. What’s the most annoying thing about the person you like?

10. Take a picture of an inanimate object in your house that holds significance for you and tell why you find it so significant.
Self explanatory.

12. In what ways have you ever altered your look, i.e. new hair color/style/colored contacts, and which of your looks is your favorite?

Look up the definition “perfection”…and leave me alone.


14. Are you sure that you were born in the right era?

16. Make me a proposition and then convince me to take you up on that offer.


18. What is your opinion on snapbacks?

Don’t care…

20. Create a Sim of yourself and post a picture telling which personality traits, lifetime aspiration, and career you’d have.


22. What’s your favorite snack?
Tears of the white girl.

24. Your signature thing, what you are most known for among your friends is now your name. What do people call you?

26. Batman vs The Hulk, who would win?

28. If you were guaranteed honest repsonses to any three questions, whom would you question and what would you ask them?
1. Can you please leave?
2. Why are you such an inconvenience?
3. Did the white girl send you?

30. If you could be invisible for a day what would you do?

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it ain't about the money!: Numbers You Would Put In My Ask Box If You Loved Me →


1. Say something that challenges my way of thinking.

2. Give me your best pick up line.

3. Tell me a joke.

4. What’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever heard?

5. How is your blog a reflection of yourself? What do you think people assume or know about you by looking at your…

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What is with this club
Stop running in circles now
I hope you all trip

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